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Insane Reptile Rescue

Services & Policies

We many services to offer.


Current Services

  • Adoptions 
  • Providing Care Guides 
  • Providing Advice
  • Taking Rescues 

Our Policies

We'll explain our current adoption and release ownership policies.

Adoption Fees & Application

Adoption Fees: The fees vary from species to species. Once the fee has been established that will the final price to adopt. We may work around the fee if you are found to be a great owner for the adoptee. We only ask for a adpotion fee to ensure a good forever home and so we can further help other animals in need.

Application: Please contact us via email and a application will be sent asap. We use these applications to help find the best home for these animals.

Surrendering an Animal
If you are surrendering an animal and are interested in adoption at a later date, you'll be put on a 6 month waiting list.  At the end of the of the waiting period you'll be able to adopt from us.
Multiple Adoptions
If you have adopted from us in the past and are interested in adopting again a 10% discount will apply to your 2nd adopted animal only.
Bonded Pairs
In the event you are interested in adopting an animal that is considered a bonded pair (meaning one animal have lived in with a group of animals), the adoption fee will be evaluated by our management.  Bonded pairs will only be considered with same sex groups. 
Example: Female lizards only.  Male and Female pairs can be adopted out if there is proof of two separate habitats for each animal.  We strongly advise against breeding reptiles, *click here* for more information.
Proof of Environment and Accessories
Before adopting an animal we require proof of a habitat and accessories.  This can be a picture and/or a receipt of purchase products at the store.  If you can not provide a picture and or a receipt of your habitat we can schedule a in home visit.
Courtesy Visit
After you adopt from us we'd like to see how you and the animal are doing.  By this we'd like to have a courtesy visit to your home to check up on both you and the animal.  We will schedule one a two weeks from your adoption date.

Shipping & Handling

We are unable to ship at this time but hopefully in future.

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